Rehost Image is a Firefox extension that adds a right-click option for images: "Rehost Image and Copy to Clipboard". This will upload the image to alternate hosting, then copy the URL of the uploaded image to your clipboard.

This makes it easy to share images you've found on the web, without the risks of hotlinking.



  • Upload to:
    • Your own webspace via FTP
    • Imgur (Anonymously or to your account)
    • ImageShack (Anonymously or to your account)
  • Can automatically resize images before uploading
  • Can shorten image URLs with goo.gl
  • Supports setting up multiple upload locations
  • Optionally keeps a log of all uploaded images
  • Checks the image type and fixes the extension if needed
  • Uploads image directly from browser cache


Can you add feature XYZ?
Rehost Image is in maintenance mode, where I'll try to keep it running on new version of Firefox and keep it uploading to Imgur, ImageShake and FTP, but not necessarily add new features. I'm spending a lot of time on other projects and can't sit down and write features. If you'd like to see something added, contributions are welcome. If you're really interested I'd be happy to help someone else take over the project.

I'm having problems with my FTP uploads, can you help?
First, note that Rehost Image uploads in Passive mode only at the moment, but this should not be an issue because the vast majority of FTP servers accept that.

Anyway, I think by now I have all the FTP bugs ironed out, but it's possible more may crop up. Different FTP servers send down commands differently so it's hard for me to test against every one. If you are having difficulties uploading to an FTP server that you can connect to successfully with another client, there are a few things you can do to help:
  1. Go to about:config and enable extensions.rehostimage.logftpcommands by double-clicking on it.
  2. Attempt to upload an image and then check Tools -> Error Console and take a screenshot or copy the log.
  3. Open an issue with the log pasted in.

Getting an account at that FTP server would be the most useful as I could test against it, but I understand that many times that is impossible to do.

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